The Hacks – Three Cord Cliche


Release Date: 2017

Format: Digital

Label: Switchblade 9 Records

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup:

  • Brad Jones,
  • Brian Childs,
  • Jason Webb

Favorite Tracks: Senator, Bankrupt

Sounds Like: Sniper 66

I have been so excited for this review!  I thought it would write itself. Now, here I am worried I can’t do the latest release, Three Cord Cliche, justice.  What if I can’t convey that The Hacks aren’t Pop Punk, Oi, or Skate Punk, yet they are uniquely all three? Surely, I couldn’t, with my writing tell you the reader that you will want to sing along with the entire album.  This three piece puts out so much sound.

As a band, they have been so rad to me as a Colorado Punk Rock Army admin, that I wouldn’t want to let them down. Go listen to them! Better yet, go see them. They won’t disappoint, and by the end you’ll see why I found it hard to make these guys sound as good as this album with just a review.  

The Hacks will Be playing The Colorado Punk Rock Army’s Happy Skanksgiving show on November 24th, 2018.  Show starts at 7pm at Tennyson’s Tap in Denver.



  1. Back In Line
  2. Two Words
  3. On You
  4. Senator
  5. Lock Your Doors
  6. Tunnel Vision
  7. Get Drunk
  8. Can’t Take It
  9. Nothing New
  10. Leaving
  11. Bankrupt
  12. Talking Bombs


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