Kenny’s Login – Oh Yeah For Sure


Kenny’s Login – Oh Yeah For Sure

Release date: March 1, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: independent

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup: (Per Bandcamp)


Favorite Tracks:

Me Too, Mary O’Mine, Good As Dead, Dancing in the Graveyard, Pancho & Lefty

Sounds Like:

Dropkick Murphys, Social Distortion, Granny Tweed, Mojo Nixon, Bad Religion

You know what?

This is just what I needed…

A little fucking levity!

“Oh Yeah For Sure,” by Kenny’s Login is just a purely FUN album!

So, I start listening… and the first two songs TOTALLY reminded me of a scene in the movie, Baseketball… follow me on this…

In the particular scene in reference, one of the main characters is having a moral dilemma, so he decides to take a drive. He flips through the radio stations and lands on “just the right” song.

It starts off uplifting and positive; but as the song goes on, it starts LITERALLY talking about things going on around him in traffic, and in his life…

That’s how the first two songs were, for me. The first one is a great drinking ballad, called “Gonna Get Drunk.” It’s a rowdy drinking song (if you couldn’t already tell), in the tradition of Dropkick Murphys.

The second song is called “Me Too.” This song just cut straight to my soul. It expresses, very plainly and directly, how I see the world, in a nutshell. It’s a song about the rainbow of emotions that we all feel at any given time on any given day, and puts everything into perspective by acknowledging that WE ALL feel these ways!

“Me Too” is a master-crafted song with great hooks, dancy music, a great message, and lyrics that make you want to keep listening to the song until they sink in!

The rest of the album is an energetic, eclectic mix of Oi Punk, Horror Punk, Revival Gospel (without the religious shit), and Rockabilly. The band, themselves, call it “Cowboy Punk,” and that’s a pretty accurate description.

To put it all into one box, it’s like a drunken tent revival in a graveyard with zombies.

This is what it would sound like if Granny Tweed did an album with Dropkick Murphys, and it’s AWESOME!

I thoroughly expect this album to find its way into my regular music rotation!

Tracks: (Per Bandcamp)

1. Gonna Get Drunk

2. Me Too

3. I Got Everything

4. Far As I Can Tell

5. Back In Line

6. Mary O’Mine

7. Good As Dead

8. Waiting On You

9. All Gonna Die

10. Dancing in the Graveyard

11. Visitors

12. Slop Bucket

13. Pancho & Lefty



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