Exit Liberty – (S/T)



Release date: 10/31/2018

Format: Digital

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Current Lineup:

  • Eric Ames: Guitar, Vocals
  • Sean Donnelly: Bass
  • James Diana: Drums and Percussion

Favorite Tracks: Already Gone, and Colorado

Sounds Like: The Wannabes, Vampire Weekend, and Roswell Kid



Boulder’s Exit Liberty released their new full length self titled album back on 10/31/2018. The album is filled with anger, heart and sorrow. The lyrics are carefully mastered and relatable. Indie fans pick this one up!



  1. California
  2. Left on Red
  3. Again and Again
  4. Colorado
  5. If We’re Real
  6. Caroline
  7. Wyoming
  8. Already Gone
  9. Kick Me When I’m On Top
  10. Song 10


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