The Vashon Seed – New Material Review


Release date: October 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup: (Per Reverb)

  • Russell Lopez – Bass
  • Michael Anderson – Vocals
  • Jimmy Roeper – Drums

Favorite Tracks: 10 Pound Shoe Blues, 99 Years, Let’s Be Free, Rye Whiskey

Sounds Like: Dave Vanian and The Phantom Chords, Blood Circus, Tiger Army, The Melvins, Mushoney and The Swamp Rats

When talented musicians from other states start moving to Denver, good things happen. I’ve mentioned it many times. I personally think Denver will soon join the likes of LA, Nashville, and NY. The sheer amount of amazing music coming out of Colorado is insane right now. We recently reviewed Ft Collins based, Came And Took It, Denver’s R.A.S.P and today I’m very proud to review, Denver based, The Vashon Seed.

Per the bands Reverb page, “Michael Anderson of Seattle’s Blood Circus joined forces with Russell Lopez of Denver’s The Two-Fifties to create an eclectic rock/hardrock band bathed in blues and punk. Jimmy Roeper is on drums.” Per Russ Lopez, “Jimmy has since left us but we are working with a new drummer, Greg Johnson.” We’ve got our backstory let’s check out the new material!

  1. ‘Let’s Be Free’ – This one is heavy on the bass, the drums and guitar are killer.
  2. ‘99 Years’ – Super heavy on bass with a western riff. The lyrics are extremely deep.
  3. ‘10lb Shoe Blues’ – Here’s some rockabilly swing for you folks. This my personal favorite so far.
  4. ‘Whiskey Rye’ – This one is not currently up on their Reverb page. The bass gets even heavier on this track. This one definitely has more of a grunge sound to it. The drums are absolutely heart pounding on this one.

There you have it! If this is just small sample, call me addicted. The mix of different genres from country, grunge, rockabilly and punk make this band stand out among others. I’m very excited to see their future of this band. Be sure to check them out here, .




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