Release date: 11/16/2018

Format: Digital and physical



  • Innsbruck, Austria. The band includes members from The Spastic Hearts (USA) DeeCracks (Austria) and On My Arms (Italy)

Current Lineup:

  • Jagger Holly- Vocals/Bass
  • Darby McCartney- Guitar/Vocals
  • Izzy Adler- Drums

Favorite Tracks: It Ain’t Over, Let’s Hang Out At The Beach, One More Day and Bree Olson

Sounds Like: Stray The Course, The Queers, Came And Took It, Neon Bone, Lost Love, Latte+, Lawrence Arms, Flatliners, Nerdlinger, and Fourbanger


Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States. Myself and many other Americans are downright pissed off at the current state of things. I would guess to say the whole world is pissed off at our President as well. These are trying times for punks. So be sure get out and vote! The nice thing about punk in general is we can have so many different types of playlist at our disposal.

I imagine punks in the US are playing the shit out of Bad Religion and the Dead Kennedys. I know I am. It’s my angry political go to music. After you vote it’s time to calm down and get back to that “Happy State”. That’s where the new LP from Jagger Holly, “Last Of The International Playboys” comes in. The album drops on November 16, 2018 via, Monster Zero, Your Mom’s Basement Records, and Outlaw Records.

This album kicks serious ass without making you feel like you wanting to break something. I tend to move towards a bit of pop punk and ska when needing a pick me up. So let’s get some quick background information on Jagger Holly. Per Jagger Holly, “Jagger Holly started in early 2015 in the USA. I have a USA line up with Stiv on guitar and Mr. Casey on Drums. We toured and recorded our first record “DJ Free Europe” in Youngstown, Ohio were we are from.  I moved to Europe in late 2015 where I now live full time.

After many months went by the Euro line up was born of Matt on guitar (DeeCracks from Austria) and Marco on Drums (On My Arms from Italy). This line up covers tours in Europe, Japan and South America. And then when I’m in the USA the guys there are ready to go! “The Last Of The International Playboys” was recorded in Innsbruck Austria by Magi at the Weirdo Garage with the Euro lineup”. Damn that’s some pretty cool info! The fact that a band could switch continents for shows in a matter of hours is awesome!

So let’s check out, “Last Of The International Playboys”. This is a follow up record to, DJ Free Europe. Be sure to check out that one as well. Personally I added both to my collection after just a brief listen. The first track up is, ‘Party Tonight’. This is a great introduction for the album and my expectations. It’s a toe tapper, and very Ramones like.  Next up is, ‘It Ain’t Over’, this one is super catchy and you will be seeing along soon. I can see this song hitting the major airwaves.

Track three is ‘One More Day’, this one is a bit more on the serious side. It’s still catchy as shit with a somewhat surf punk sound. I really dig the lyrics, “When there’s no drug I won’t do, to get my mind off you, I’d give it all away for one more day with you.” When a relationship is ending we often lie to ourselves to cover up the pain. It’s a coping mechanism and it sure as shit helped through a few. Next up on the track list is ‘I know I know’. This song has some great drums, bass, and vocals. It’s almost like a weird mashup between the Go Go’s and The Heartbreakers.

Next up is, ‘Let’s Hang Out At The Beach’. I love this song! Be sure to check out the video below. I love the drums on this track. This is that “Happy State” I referred to earlier. This album is shaping up to be amazing so far.

‘Tell Me Girl’, this track has some great progressions. It seems very Ramones inspired. There’s also a great little kick ass guitar solo. ‘Summers Gone’ is the next track up. There’s some great harmonies on this one. You know that feeling when summer is over. Everything is dark and just seems to suck!


‘Oh Yeah’, this track is a bit darker and a little on the heavier side. Man I feel for the writer on this track. Talk about being thrown into the “Friendzone Jail”. This track is for anyone ready to breakout. “Bree Olson” is about pornographic actress Bree Olson. This one is hilarious.

‘Paper Eyes’, is next up. This one really sounds like the Queers. This one is strong on vocals and the lyrics make it shine. You know the feeling when someone has fallen out of love with you. Their eyes just seem to give away their feelings. ‘All I Want’, now here’s another super catchy song. The lyrics again are so relatable to anyone listening.  ‘I’ll Wait For You’, is the last song on the record. This one is soft, and somewhat sad. It’s great ending to a kick ass album.

Overall, Jagger Holly’s, “Last Of The International Playboys” is the album you need when you need blast of happiness to your life. Or need something you can personally relate to. They may not have reinvented the pop punk wheel, but they have masterfully perfected it. This one is just another kickass collection to the Monster Zero family. You can preorder it here, Europe link, and US.


  8. OH YEAH
  11. ALL I WANT


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