The Longest Hall – Don’t Panic!


Release Date: July 21st, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Pigeon Hat Records

Location: Central Florida

Current Lineup:

  • Zac
  • Adam
  • Dan

Favorite Tracks: Punch a Nazi in the Face

The punk movement started as a knee jerk reaction to the social climate of the late 70’s. As society became more openly defiant, the music became a hard reflection. Today’s politics in America is fraught with open racism and a praise for the alt-right. Well, punk defiance is back and as hard as ever! The Longest Hall’s Release, Don’t Panic shows how that spirit is not dead. I can listen to Punk A Nazi in the Face on repeat.

This family three piece from Florida brings hard hitting sounds with a nice harmonizing component. It’s a fast paced ride from start to finish. You can hear the hard thrash influences in the guitar on the track, Upon Deaf Ears. Zac, Adam, and Dan are brothers that formed The Longest Hall in 2017 in Florida.They have been playing together for the last decade and this 13 track offering is the culmination.

You can catch them right now in Florida and we here at Colorado Punk Rock Army are hoping for a tour that includes us.

01-Modern Monarchs
02-Punch a Nazi in the Face
03-A Timely Message From Heaven
04-Enter Cludes
05-Kill What You Hate
06-Upon Deaf Ears
07-Sam Hall
08-Don’t Panic!
09-Abduction, Destruction, Consumption
10-The Quarantine at Rancho Cucaracha
11-Farther Than It May Seem
12-Red Sky
13-Nothing Gold Can Stay



Instagram: (@TheLongestHall)


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