Dial Drive- “Viva Le’Jit”

Release Date: Out Now!

Format: CD & Digital

Label: A Jam Records

Location: Orlando, Fl

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Jake LeDrew-Vocals & Guitar
  • Nathan Durazzo-Vocals & Guitar
  • Tim Bruder-Bass
  • AJ Ferrara-Drums

Favorite Tracks: Throw Up, Worthless

Sounds Like: Dude Ranch era Blink 182, Sum 41, Sublime, Poor Me, Brand New


I love music. And while punk is my first love that I always turn to the most, it’s not all I listen to. I hate when a band feels like they must play to where all songs are the same, or else they aren’t a real punk band. Dial Drive, with my experience with them being listening to their new ep, I’m pretty sure feels the same way. If you read the story of the band, the 2 frontmen started the band based on their mutual love for the same type of music. At the core, it’s Pop Punk. The old school Blink 182 vibe is strong here, mixed with other bands who were influenced by listening to Dude Ranch. Throw Up, Big Mistake, & November 8th are definitely the tracks to play if you love that style as well.
Throw Up is a perfect opening track. High energy, fun lyrics, it’s who the band is. Big Mistake is right after it, & a great post breakup song. We’ve all been scorned at some point in our lives, & this one you’ll sing at the top of your lungs if you are in that position again.

Then we have 2 other tracks that take a turn. Worthless is probably my second favorite song on here to Throw Up. The range here is amazing. Post punk, later era Blink meets a bit of screamo (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday), and a bit of metalcore thrown in. A beautiful blend, and the drums shine here. Love hearing that double bass. The other track, Medicated, closes out the ep. They chanel Sublime here with the reggae sound. It’s a stoner song, so that’s when it’s best enjoyed. The rap on this song is ok, probably the weakest part of the record. Once the singing kicks in on this track, it’s fantastic. Hopefully on their full length they play with this sound a bit more, because there is some potential here. The guitar solo, screaming in reggae, that doesn’t sound like it would work, but it does. Great work here!
A strong 5 song ep. Get on Spotify, give it a shot, then check out their website for a physical copy, hop on bandcamp if you prefer digital ownership, & if you’re in Florida, go see these guys. Show them some support.


  1. Throw Up
  2. Big Mistake
  3. Worthless
  4. November 8th
  5. Medicated


About the writer:
Griffin has been listening to punk records for the last 25 years. Now residing is Colorado Springs with his wife & 4 kids, he still tries to catch as many shows as he can.

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