Release Date: 10/25/2018


  • Digital

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Favorite Tracks:

  • Return To Sender
  • Was It You
  • Your Beliefs
  • One Life

Sounds Like: Came And Took It, Filthy Hearts, Descendants, Strung Out, and Sugus

Small Label October continues to remain hot as Hades here at CPRA. We just got word that Montreal punks, Arising From are releasing a brand new EP on October 25, 2018! We were lucky to score an early release. This new EP is full of 1990’s skate punk! So let’s check it out!

The EP kicks off with “Return to Sender” and no this is not an Elvis cover. This song is heavy on the bass and drums. The riffs are epic in mastery. “Was It You”, is the next track up. I really dig the vocals and lyrics on this. It’s also quiet on the heavy side, but not quite metal. This is a great I’m pissed off and need to vent song.
“Day That Never Came”, is up next and slows down the record. This one although a little slower is still full of the melodic hardcore we love. I love the different progressions and build up. Hey metal fans you may dig this! “Your Beliefs”, is up next on the list. This one is bit different in comparison to the rest of the record. It seems less, angry and bit more on the pop punk side. The songs speaks of belief systems and how they can corrupt the human mind. “One Life” is last on the track list. This is by far my favorite on the record. The catchy lyrics and beat will keep you singing along.

In conclusion I’m a bit surprised this is my first ever listen to an Arise record. This EP is stacked with great song after song. They fit in today, and just as good as they did 15 years ago when the band began. You can pick it up here and major distros on 10/25/2018,


  • Return To Sender
  • Was It You
  • Day That Never Came
  • Your Beliefs
  • One Life


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