MC1 – “City Wide Destruction” EP

MC1 – “City Wide Destruction” EP



Release Date: April 28, 2017

Format: Digital

Label: A Jam Records

Location: Miami, FL

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Joe Koontz

Favorite Tracks: City Wide Destruction, Drop The Bomb, Crash Like Thunder, Runnin On Hate

Sounds Like: Stray Cats, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, too many genres to pin down an exact influence


Being a one person band 100 years ago meant, playing a bunch of different instruments at the same time. They were heavy and well the sound of course was always lacking. There were really more like a carnival act, and not something to really take seriously. Fortunately for us the times have changed. Due to the advances in technology one person can potentially play a bunch of different instruments and track them together.

So let’s check out this one man band phenom that is, MC1. MC1 recently put out his new ep, “City Wide Destruction” on 4/28/2018. My first thought upon listening was wow! Each song sounds dramatically different from each other. I tried really hard to nail MC1 down to one genre. I’m gonna say that’s just impossible. I hear goth, industrial, punk, rock, rockabilly and etc. That’s what really makes “City Wide Destruction” so much fun to listen to!

My favorite song by far is “City Wide Destruction”, and coming in second is “Drop The Bomb”. Be sure to check on MC1 and A Jam Records



  1. City Wide Destruction
  2. Crash Like Thunder
  3. Drop The Bomb
  4. Runnin’ On Hate



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