WRTHLESS – “Give Me A Reason (Single)

WRTHLESS – “Give Me A Reason (Single)



Release Date: Out Now!

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Favorite Tracks: Give Me a Reason

Sounds Like:  Good Charlotte, Blink 182

We all had our gateway drug into punk rock. For me it was MxPx & Green Day. It hooked me, so I got into a lot more punk rock, finding other bands of the era, I found Rancid, Bad Religion, then got deep into the roots & discovered The Ramones & The Stooges. But when it came time that I started my first band, we tried to sound like MxPx & Green Day, because that’s what hooked us. It wasn’t for everyone, but it’s what we liked.

I have a feeling these guys heard Good Charlotte & Enema of the State era Blink 182 at a crucial moment of there music development & it stuck with them. Maybe it’s what you grew up with & love as well, & if you did, you definitely should give this band a listen.

Lyrically, it’s the perfect break up song. If you’re heart has ever been broken, & you’re down on yourself & everything you probably did wrong to sabotage your own happiness, you’ll feel what the writer is feeling. It’s a bit emo lyrically, but we’ve all been there, & it has been perfect therapy for generations. Musically, it’s the bridge, the rock & roll breakdowns are great, & I’m sure a blast to play.

It’s music, not everyone will love the same things, but if this was your era, I see the appeal. Go give it a shot. If nothing else, a few streams on Spotify will help a band trying to breakout, so go support their dreams!



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