The Shorts – Bunker Monkey

The Shorts – Monkey Bunker



Release date: August 16, 2018

Format: CD and digital

Label: Thousand Island Records

Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Current Lineup:

Brodie Glen – Drums, Vocals,

Simon – Bass, Vocals, Jokes

Danny/Mr Beer – Guitar, Vocals, Alcohol

Favorite Tracks: Gimmie Something, Wall Street,  Your Party Sucks, and Silo

Sounds Like:  Millencolin/Frenzal Rhomb, The Queers, Ramones.




Our friend’s down under in Australia are pumping out some amazing punk rock. We recently reviewed The Rumjacks (No longer in AUS), Nerdlinger , Lucy And The Rats, and now the Shorts! Their album art alone should draw you into this record. Haha! So let’s dive into this record by the three piece from Ballarat! It’s not often I find some kick ass pop punk, but when I do you will be the first to know!



The record starts out with, ‘Gimmie Something”. I really love this song.

It has an awesome surf punk riff to it while vocals send it home. Next up is, ‘Ladies Night In Woomelang’. The drums lead the song along while the hooks get your head nodding. ‘Wall Street’, this is probably my favorite from the record. This one is catchy and just a blast to listen to.

‘Your Party Sucks’, be sure to catch the video below! If this video proves anything it’s this band is nothing, but FUN! How many parties have you been to that sucked? I’ve been to way too many!


‘Silo’, lucky us there’s another video for this one! I love the guitar and bass lines on this one! Their vocals styles are quite impressive. I’m actually having issues making a decent comparison.


‘The Judge’, this one almost has a western twang to it. The progression is quite fun. ‘Lenny The Shark’ is up next on the track list. This one has a catchy little backbeat to it. Let me emphasize the fun again here. ‘I Don’t Know Why I Do This Anymore”, this one is fucking rad. It’s the fastest track on the record. Check out the video below!


‘Here Forever’, closes out the record. It a great ending to a fun ep! This has more of a pop punk anthem sound. Overall, The Shorts have created ep, laced with beer, fun, and happiness. Even though some of their song’s, might not be actually be happy. They have cultivated something we can all relate to. Pick this one up today!!!

Track List

  1. Gimmie Somthing
  2. Ladies Night in Woomelang
  3. Wall Street
  4. Your Party Sucks
  5. Silo
  6. The Judge
  7. Lenny The Shark
  8. I Don’t Know Why I Do This Anymore
  9. Here Forever


Special guest review assistance from Michael Beseda from Denver Hardcore’s Bottom Bracket!

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