Sid Broderius and The Emergency Exit – “Light It Up”

Release Date: August 10, 2018

Format: Digital and Physical

Label: No Affiliation Records

Location: Spokane, WA

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Sid Broderius
  • Jasen Moser
  • Anthony Accardo
  • Ruben Gunion

Favorite Tracks: Broken Bottles, The Last Time, Wasting Your Time,

Sounds Like: Face to Face, Filthy Hearts, FOL, Off The Mark, Latte+, Stacked Like Pancakes, StreetLight Manifesto  and The Follow Ups



Just when you think No Affiliation Records is done kicking some serious ass. Another great band pops out of nowhere. We’ve reviewed some really amazing fucking records by, Fourbanger, Off The Mark, FOL, and now today Sid Broderius and The Emergency Exit! Here at CPRA we despise the major media companies. We miss the days when local radio was run by local companies, instead now we have the likes of Iheartradio.

My favorite radio station of all time was called 92X. Back in 1995, yeah I sound like Uncle Rico, 92X was the only radio station to play constant great alternative music. The played funk, punk, and underground hip hop. It was also the first time I heard bands like Black Flag, Social D, and OP Ivy. I was instantly hooked.

We are strong supporters of smaller record labels like, Lockjaw, No Affiliation, Stomp, and Thousand Islands. These labels are keeping punk fresh while introducing great bands you may never hear on the radio. We hope every band we love hits it big, but sadly we know the mainstream industry would rather continue its tradition of pushing out the same crap over and over again.

So let’s talk about another kick ass No Affiliation band, Sid Broderius and The Emergency Exit! The veteran Northwestern band formed in Spokane after spending time with the Grocery Boys and Storm Normandy. Their latest full album release, “Light It Up” is out now on all major music distributors.

So let’s check out, “Light It Up”. The album starts off with, “Broken Bottles”. The first thing that came to mind is how the sound is very original. We have our little, “Sounds Like” area to you give a sort of brief genre view. I really dig the opening riff and drums on this song.

It’s speaks of making reparations for past mistakes and substance abuse. Something most of us can identify with. Next up is, “Stoned In Wyoming”. This one has some great drums, and vocals.  It sounds a bit on the Face To Face side, yet maintains its own sound. I really like the lyrics.

“Stoned in Wyoming

Without my northwest friends

It’s starting to bore me, am I driving down a dead end?

I’m driving 2,000 miles

And it’s gonna take a while

To find my fucking place”

As any band may know touring is hard on the mind, body and soul. Now this song may not relate to touring at all, but I feel anybody can relate to being far away from home. Next up on the track list is “The Last Time”. This one is a bit faster and harder than the previous songs. I love this track! There’s some great skapunk on this one.


“Dead Or Alone”, is the next one up. This one has a very familiar ska riff. This is probably my second favorite track on the record. The trumpet is perfectly placed to blend in perfectly with the rest of the band. The hooks leading into the progression are remarkable. The lyrics are phenomenal.

“You let the lies slip off your tongue

And you can’t get enough

Of hurting the ones you love

And I don’t give a fuck

If they’re still there when I get home

I’d be better off dead or alone “


“Halloween”, this one reminds me a bit of “Bro Hymn”, by Pennywise. It does not really sound anything like Bro Hymn, however it relates to losing a close friend. We as a scene are a close knit community and it hurts to lose someone. “ Hard To Be Strong”, this song starts out like an anthem. This one has some killer lyrics, and guitar hooks.



“At The Stake”, is up next on the record. Here’s another song that deals with some deep reflection. The drums are really the highlight on this one. “Call It Off”, the skapunk returns! This has some great classic ska hooks. The vocals really push the meaning. Our youthfulness seems to fly by.

“By The Throat” is the next track up. This one speeds it up a bit. The riffs absolutely shred on this one. “I’m not fucking up, I’m just losing my shit.”. How many times have we said that in our own lives? “Detached”, this one is a bit slower than most of the songs on the record. “I’ve been mixing up, self destruction and romance”. I can personally relate to this song . How many personal relationships have been destroyed by our own self destruction?

“Wasting Your Time”, this is another favorite for me on the record. The classic skapunk sound comes roaring back. This song kicks ass! “Like A Shadow”, head to the pit for this one. “Temperamental Timebomb”, is up next. Again this track has some amazing lyrics. “My brain is a temperamental timebomb, waiting to go off”. Man that’s some deep shit. “Written Together”, here’s another skapunk gem. This one is about a failed punk band and a failed friendship. “Line Wolf”, is up next and the last song on the record. The drums again really shine on this track, along with some great vocals!

Overall, Sid Broderius and The Emergency Exit, have composed a fantastic album. “Light It Up, contains a little something for everyone. This album is yet another great addition to the No Affiliation library! I spoke with Sid to get some information like tours and such. “No tour planned yet, but we’ll hit the road in Spring. We’re always writing, Ruben and I wrote a new song Yesterday. We have all played in bands together in the past. Storm Normandy, The Grocery Boys, Death By Pirates, etc. I started this project as a way to record songs I never got a chance to play in bands and it kind of spiraled into a serious project made up of amazing musicians.” Pick it up today here, .

Tracks: Per Bandcamp

  1. Broken Bottles
  2. Stoned In Wyoming
  3. The Last Time
  4. Dead Or Alone
  5. Halloween
  6. Hard To Be Strong
  7. At The Stake
  8. Call It Off
  9. By The Throat
  10. Detached
  11. Wasting Your Time
  12. Like A Shadow
  13. Temperamental Timebomb
  14. Written Them Together
  15. Lone Wolf






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