Camel Tofu – Camel Tofu EP

Camel Tofu – Camel Tofu EP



Release date: July 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Sullivan, Illinois

Current Lineup:

  • Jerm- Vocals
  • John- Guitar
  • Andrew- Guitar
  • Scott- Bass,
  • Sweezy- Drums

Favorite Tracks: Dapper, Ride, Grass or Gravel, I Wish Your Parent’s Never Met, Third Grade, and Ride

Sounds Like: The 250’s, Bad Religion, Black Flag, The Exploited, Dead Milkmen, The Melvins, and The Damned


A few months ago we received a booking request from a Harley Davidson dealer. This kind of shocked this old school punk. What on earth would a motorcycle dealer want to do with punk in general? It turns out punks and motorcycles are now a big thing. Maybe as we get older hustling to work on a cool skateboard is no longer an option? Haha.

That leads me to introduce Camel Tofu from Sullivan, Illinois! This band brings punk rock with a Harley. The band is still preparing for their commercial release. So we thought it would be great to post all of their kick ass videos here.

So let’s start out with ‘Dapper’. This one has a great bass line!


‘Grass or Gravel’, brings an old school classic punk sound.


‘I Wish Your Parent’s Never Met’,  is a kick ass anti love song, reminiscent of the Queers.


‘Third Grade’, is probably my favorite song on the ep. I really like the old school sound.


‘Ride”, this is probably my second favorite song on the ep. The bassline and drums seem to shine on this track.


Overall Camel Tofu sound is extremely impressive. They bring a mix of old school punk into the modern age. Be sure to pick up the ep once released out into the great wild!




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