Mixed Kid Fridays – “Trick Candle”

Release Date: July 28, 2018

Format: Digital


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

  • Calvin Klein
  • Dominic Zinn
  • Johnny Evil
  • Gil Lopez

Favorite Tracks: Gone Not Forgotten, Long Distance, Wink Wink, Don’t Call Me White (Cover)

Sounds Like: NOFX, 10 Ft Pole, Rancid, Fourbanger, Nerdlinger, Vandals, The Follow Ups, Off The Mark, The Briggs




We recently received a preview copy of the new Mixed Kid Fridays ep, “Trick Candle’.

The new ep drops 7/28/2018 via the band’s website, https://www.mixedkidfridays.com/home. Soon after I imagine it will drop on most major streamers as well. Let’s check out the new record.

The ep kicks off with a funny little intro song, ‘Morning Breath’. The hilarious little acoustic tune speaks to all of us that hate mornings. Next up is, ‘Gone Not Forgotten’. This one has a great classic skate/pop punk sound to it. The main guitar shreds on this track, reminding me of some early Bad Religion.

‘Long Distance’ is up next. This is by far my favorite on the record. I love the sweet guitar intro with drum backing which leads the progression. We all have had those, “Long Distance” relationships were you both promised to stay true. They suck! I really dig the metal like chorus in the background further into the song. The lyrics are catchy and relatable. I can see this track hitting Punk Tacos!


‘Wink, (wink)’, rolls up next. It’s time to open up the pit on this one. This one is a bit darker, with a heart thumping bass line. This song is about overthinking, everything. I for one do it all the time. I really love the throw back to power ballads sound.

‘An LA Punk in MacArthur’s Court’, is next on the track list. The coolest thing about this band so far is their ability to change up their sound on the fly. This track again has almost a metal sound to it. There’s a real kick ass guitar shred that displays the band’s talent. This is about taking your life back!’Morning Breath Reprise’, comes next. This will probably end up as someone’s ringtone real fast. Haha!. Last, but definitely not least we have, a NOFX cover, “Don’t Call Me White”. This version is a bit more hardcore on the speedpunk side. I love this cover!


Overall, Mixed Kid Fridays have composed an ep which displays some epic talent. I for one was not ready for this combination of amazing bass/guitar, sweet drums and kick ass vocals. The production on this is epic! Be sure to pick this one up! It definitely deserves a spot in your collection. I personally cannot wait for the next one. Hopefully we get a full album release the next go round.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MixedKidFridays/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mixedkidfridays/

Website: https://www.mixedkidfridays.com/home


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