FoL – “Therapathy”

FoL – “Therapathy”

Release date: July 20, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: No Affiliation Records

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

JChris- Drums/Vocals

Dave- Bass/Vocals

Aaron- Guitar/Vocals

Favorite Tracks: Hate To Hear, Breathe Or Die, Jesse, Victim’s Anthem

Sounds Like: Lagwagon, Descendents, NOFX, Rancid, Bad Religion, Off The Mark, Fourbanger,  and The Windermeres,



Back in April 2018 I reviewed, FOL’s Kinda…. But Seriously EP.  I loved that EP and still think it’s one of the best releases of 2018. On that note, No Affiliation Records continues it’s role of producing awesome music. See our past reviews here with the #NAR tag. I personally think labels like No Affiliation and Lockjaw Records that will be the death of iHeartRadio.

The 3 piece band continues to blow me away with their music. Let’s check out their latest upcoming release, “Therepathy”. The ep starts off with, ‘Hate To Hear’. This is already the FOL I know and love. This one has awesome drums, a somewhat melodic yet hardcore sound. The guitar shred on this one is sweet.

‘Breathe Or Die’ rolls up next on the song list. The lyrics on this one are great. The drums, combined with the vocals and guitar really pull this song together. It’s catchy and loveable, although a bit on the dark side, probably one of my favorites. You probably need to watch the pit on this one.

‘Jesse’ is up next on the record. I have to admit I wasn’t emotionally prepared for this song. This is an extremely well written song, about losing a loved one to suicide. It’s about thinking and wondering who that person would be today. I can see this song hitting the pops, easily.

“Who would you be?

If you made it through the Darkness?

Who would you be

If you were here with us today?

Who would you be, if you made it through the darkness

Who would you be?

Who would you be ?”

‘A Quick Drink’, c’mon now everybody know there’s no such thing as a quick drink. This one shows us FOL’s hardcore and speedpunk sound. It’s alot quicker than that drink of yours. ‘Sour Grapes’, shows why I love FOL. The mix of pop punk with hardcore is amazing. One minute you’re banging your head. The next you’re singing along with the melody.

The shreds on this make for an epic skatepunk song. ‘Victim’s Anthem’, comes next on the record. This slows it down with a powerful message for all those who suffer. I love the melody and poppunk style sing along.

FOL – “Therapathy” releases 7/20/218!

‘Cat Videos (and Propaganda)’, this anger fueled tune is sure to have you headed to the pit. While we sit behind screens watching cat videos and political propaganda. Our governments are taking away our freedoms one by one. Do you wish to sit idle by and watch? This hardcore song shreds with kick ass drums!

Let’s wrap the review up. FoL has produced yet another amazing record. This ep has something for just about every fan of punk in general. They are starting to set a standard of wonderful song after another. Don’t let this one escape and pick it up today! This one has been added to the list for ep contender of the year.

Track Listing: (Subject To Change)

1. Hate To Hear

2 .Breathe Or Die

3. Jessie

4. A Quick Drink

5. Sour Grapes

6. Victim’s Anthem

7. Cat Videos (and propaganda)








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