These Fast Times – “On the Other Side of Fear”

These Fast Times – “On the Other Side of Fear” Review


Release date: July 20, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Location: Montreal

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

  • Jeffery Vuorela (Guitar / Vocals)
  • Ryan Kennedy (Drums)
  • Jason Bellefontaine (Bass / Vocals)
  • Thomas Kolofsky (Lead Guitar)

Favorite Tracks: It’s Not Just Me, Lights Too Loud, On Our Way,

Sounds Like: Nerdlinger, Shift – D, Filthy Hearts, The Hang Ups


Awhile back we coined the term, “Break Up Punk” to describe an ep by Swedish punk’s, The Hang Ups. I’m sure we were not the first outfit to coin this term. So when I started listening to our advanced preview of, “On The Other Side Of Fear”, break up punk was the first thing that popped into my brain. Keep in mind this track order may be subject to change before release.



So let’s check out the album. ‘Falling In Love’ is first up. This track is a great introduction into the album.

The sound effect taken from Alan Watts recording, “Falling Into Love”. The premise when we fall in love we throw in all of ourselves and forget to take our brains with us.  The band plays a beautiful instrumental in the background on this one.

‘It’s Not Just Me’, a great example of “Break Up Punk”! This track has some very well written lyrics, it’s pretty powerful. I really dig the guitar riffs and fuzz sound on this one. This is a song that no matter who you are. You can relate to at some point in your life.

“And now this has gone on for too long,

My goals and my love on the wayside,

No matter I’ll get her back until she finally leaves,

Thank God it’s not just me”

Ashley Madison’, is a little heavier on the shred size. The bassline and drums are fantastic. For some reason Jared Leto’s the Joker from Suicide Squad popped into my mind during this one. It’s a bit on the insane, but good side.  



‘My Thanks’, slows the album back to a more melodic sound.The song is still heavy on the bass line. This song is basically says, “Thanks for nothing, except all the messed up things you did to me”.  It definitely relates to the human condition.

Next up on the record is ‘Take Me Home’. This one slows down the record. It’s extremely heartfelt. You really start to feel the pain in the songwriter’s heart.

The  next track, ‘That Was Easy’, returns with a wonderful rip roaring fuzz sound. The duet is immaculate and blends almost perfectly.



‘The Grind’,  the hero of our story struggles with trying to continue the love tragedy.

It talks about one night stands, financial struggles, and references, “My Thanks”. I really love the drums on this one, especially towards the end.  ‘Light’s Too Loud’ is up next.

The band recently released a video for the song. Be sure to check it out below. This is probably my second favorite song on the album. The video itself looks strangely similar or with purpose to the Talking Heads video for, “Once In A Lifetime”. This really kicks some ass! The fuzz is strong, the lyrics are amazing.

‘On Our Way’, this one really reminded of the Dead Milkmen or Vandals.  It has some great riffs and great bass lines. ‘Movies And Popcorn’, is the next track. It continues the storyline with again some great lyrics and enjoyable amount of fuzz. ‘End Of Day’ follow towards the end of the album. This was come in as my third favorite on the album. I love the cymbals in the background. You can just feel confusion the writer is going through on this one.

‘Dadcore’, I really like this track. There’s some thrash, that accompanies the fuzz. This track has a really deep message. Actually it’s a bit of a tear jerker for myself.

Overall, “On The Other Side Of Fear” is journey though the beginning and end of a bad relationship. This is perfect for someone feeling lost and in need of music that relates to them. These Fast Times, have combine each of their skills to produce a dramatic and definitive punk album.






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