Poor Moxi – Poor Moxi (EP)

Release date: February 16, 2018

Format: Digital, Physical

Label: DIY

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Current Lineup:

  • Megan Maher: Vocals,
  • Patrick Bodnar: Drums,
  • Kyle Youngman: Lead Guitar,
  • Jalon Baxter: Rhythm Guitar,
  • Brody Esslinger: Bass.

Sounds Like: Blue Mesa, Garbage, Muse, Frank Zappa, Bleached

Favorite Tracks: False Advertising, Dire Motel, Replicate




As I sitting here listening to Poor Moxi. An odd thought crossed my mind. What if Ella Fitzgerald was born in the late 90’s and joined a rock band? Ok so that’s pretty fucking strange. Stay with me here. Take a young and talented female vocalist, some great musicians, combine them together, the result is Poor Moxi!

Ok so maybe Ella Fitzgerald is a bit of a stretch, so let’s say Garbage’s, Shirley Manson.  Poor Moxi is really unlike any band I’ve listened to in the last few years. Let’s start with the opening track, ‘False Advertising’. It’s sexy, sultry, and smoking. The jazzy bass line intro starts this gem off and I love it!

Let’s move along to, ‘Dire Motel’. Maher’s lyrics on this one are elegant and deep. I immediately drifted off into dreamland. It causes a deep relaxation within the brain. The surf rock fuzz combined with the drums, shadow like tones goes well with a nice purple indica.

Now, ‘Replicate’, comes in hard with a sweet bass line. The drums are backed by an edgy guitar riff. I really like the message in this one. Are we all just replicates in this world? Some of us were made to break the factory line.


Next up is, ‘Tranquility’, This song has an awesome guitar surf rock sound. Did Dick Dale jump in with the band? Sounds like it! Are we sure Poor Moxi is from Colorado? Of course I kid. ‘Out Of The Blue’, That surf sound returns with some great keyboard sounds. Maher’s vocals on this one are fucking brilliant. The drums lead the progression into a giant ending crescendo. Sadly we are nearing the end of this epic ep.

Poor Moxi is like an acid trip gone, very, very good. Maher’s vocals, along with Berlinsky, Esslinger, and Youngman, have created an ep of epic proportions. I feel like this ep is a small taste of even better music to come. In fact I’m adding adding this one on as a contender for CPRA Album of the Year. To classify them as purely punk, would be to dismiss their definitive and unique sound.



So do it. This one should be downloaded and enjoyed by the masses!




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