Of Mountain And Seas – Dracula

Release date: December 19, 2017

Streaming Links: https://ofmountainsandseas.bandcamp.com/
Format: Digital and vinyl

Label: DIY

Location: Germany/Austria

Current Lineup: (Facebook)

Alex- Bass

Steffi – Drums

Torben – Guitar and vocals

Our Favorite Track(s): Disappear, Dracula, Love Songs, Something Good

Sounds Like: Backseat Vinyl, The Scutches, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Vampire Weekend


I’m going to start off this review quoting Denver’s Pumkin Face, “Because The FM Sucks”. You know this, I know this. Yet somehow the likes of Bieber continue to poison the masses with their music. Sadly this means tons of other musicians around the world go unnoticed. That’s what I love about CPRA, Dying Scene, Mable Syndrome, Punk Pit, and Punk Lounge. We’re bringing the music to your earholes ready or not.

You’re not going to hear 90% of this stuff on the FM. So turn that shit off! This leads me to introduce German pop punks, Of Mountains & Seas. Their recent ep, ‘Dracula’ was released back in December 2017. We are loving this ep!

“Dracula give up on that stuff
Because the nights are showing and your skin is pale as fuck
The clock is ticking fast, with every bite it’s speeding up
I should have done this long before my dear old friend”



Let’s go through the tracks on this 4 track ep. “Something Good” starts it off with some great drum work. Lyrically this song is written very well. “Dracula”, is probably my favorite song on the ep. We are all fighting a monster within ourselves call him, Dracula or what you will. This song could possibly hit a Top 40, if given to the right people.

On the next track again we get some great writing with, “Disappear”. This song is super catchy and you can feel the meaning in the vocalist’s voice. I loved the next song, “Love Songs”. Again amazing lyrics! “I’m fed up with love songs; I’m fed up with it. I’m fed up with love songs; I’m getting sick of it”. Everyone can relate once a relationship ends, nobody wants to hear a damn love song.

This ep is a combination of catchy lyrics, sweet bass and guitar, and heart pounding drums. My mood when listening started to perk up. Don’t get me wrong every song has a serious tone of self-reflection, yet the message is optimism. Of Mountains And Seas have something amazing going on here. Make sure to pick the vinyl up on this one. I cannot wait for the next release!

Lead singer Torben Schreiner had a few awesome things to say regarding the formation of the band. ”

“I know Steffi since 4th grade of primary school and we are best buddies since. Over the years he was playing in bands, I was playing in bands and we ended up playing in the same band called Cleanwall. When we discovered that the band somehow didn’t go anywhere anymore, we decided to do a new project.We had our first gig before we had a bass player, so Mamü, the guy setting up the show, helped us out on bass. We were playing together with Mischief Brew back then.

Over the course of the last few years we had some line up changes and finally ended up with Alex on bass guitar. I’ve been knowing Alex for at least 15 years as well and we were playing in a street punk band called Innocent Arrest together. He is just an amazing bass player and by far the better guitarist of the two of us.

We rehearse in Munich, were I live, Alex has to drive 250 km down from Bamberg and Steffi has to drive a little over 200 km up from Vorarlberg in Austria. As we are all working 100% and because of the distance, we can only rehearse one weekend per month and even this is a really big effort for us. This slows us down compared to other bands, but since we love playing music we keep on pushing and do whatever we can.

We plan to put out a full length album hopefully around the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.”

You can pick up ‘Dracula’ here, https://ofmountainsandseas.bandcamp.com/album/dracula. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/ofmountainsandseas/.

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