CPRA Band Radar Alert – Turbonauts- ‘Zero Gravity Mind’

Release date: Summer 2018

Streaming Link: https://soundcloud.com/theturbonauts/tracks
Format: Digital and Physical

Label: DIY

Location: Denver, Colorado

Current Lineup: (Facebook)





Our Favorite Track(s): Cowgirl, Full Speed Dead, Rock Like A Monster, Scorpion, We’re All Gonna Die, and Spooky Action

What do get when you cross great horror punk/scfi and rockabilly? You get Denver’s Turbonaughts! These guys are the latest addition to the CPRA Band Radar Alert. So let’s blast off with them and their soon to be released ep, Zero Gravity Mind.



When I first popped on The Turbonaughts my first thought was this band has a very unique sound. I hear so many mixed influences. It would be near impossible to nail them to one genre. You could call them psychobilly, rockabilly or horror punk. Maybe Dick Dale meets Tiger Army? Let’s check out some tracks. The song, ‘Full Speed Dead’ brings in surf fuzz, with progressive drums, kick ass vocals. This song lends its hand to the listener’s imagination with the sword play sound effects at the end.

‘Rock Like A Monster’ is a throwback to the days of Hollywood’s monster movies. This track has a rocking guitar solo, with a backbeat bass line sure to draw you in. The song, “Scorpion”, well from the band’s soundcloud pays homage to Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion character. Although it’s not really about Scorpion, its basically a love song, about being wrapped around someone.

‘We’re All Gonna Die”, probably one of the harder songs on the album. The chorus and drums will have you bouncing in your car on your way to work. Just keep your eyes on the road. The band is not looking for sacrifice on this one. I kid of course or do I? On ‘Spooky Action”, we get hear the psychobilly side of the band. I absolutely love this song. Again we hear surf punk progressions, rockabilly bass lines, and kick ass drums on this instrumental tune.

‘Cowgirl’, shows off their rockabilly side. There’s strong riffs, with a good bass back, and great vocal melodies.  Let’s wrap this one up. The Turbonaughts are great for someone craving some rockabilly surf punk in their lives. Their talent makes for a great listen. I can definitely see these guys playing, Viva Las Vegas next year. Let’s help them get their by sharing their music with your friends and buying some merch.

If their track covers on Soundcloud are anything like their merch, please sign me up! The only current drawback is you either need to wait for a commercial ep release or pick up a physical copy at a show. . Be sure to check them out on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/theturbonauts/. Don’t miss them with the Turbo A.C.’s at Streets Of London on 5/31/2018!

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