CPRA Band Radar Alert – Leftover Sermon

Release date: March 25, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Nederland, CO

Current Lineup: (Facebook)

David Banas

Scot Gorbet

John whiteside

Our Favorite Track(s): Ride Fast, Take Chances, There’s no I in TEAM but There’s a You in FUCK, You’re not a Person, You’re a Consumer

Sounds Like: The Jam, The Damned, The Melvins


The coolest thing about punk rock is the different changes it’s gone through over the years. What started out as rebellious garage rock in the 1960’s has become the music we all know and love today. It has gone through so many major changes it would be impossible to list all of them.  We’ve had bands like the The Damned, The Jam, Ramones, and Sex Pistols start the revolution away from pop music. That’s why you need to check out Left Over Sermon based out of Nederland, Colorado. Personally I’ a bit surprised. I had no clue the mountains had a thriving punk community. Last week we reviewed Drink, Drank Punk another mountain based kickass punk band.

I personally loved the tracks, Ride Fast, Take Chances, There’s no I in TEAM but There’s a You in FUCK, You’re not a Person, You’re a Consumer. This band has a great sort of jam and punk sound to it. It really made me think of London’s The Jam, except with a newer and updated sound. Leftover Sermon mixes jam, hard rock, and punk for unforgettable sound.

The band currently has a number of singles and an EP currently out. I was informed they may have some new material due out soon!  You can pick up their singles and EP here, https://leftoversermon.bandcamp.com/. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/leftoversermon/.

Ska Bones 2018

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