The Unaccepted – We’re The Unaccepted and Trump Is A Chump EPs

Release date: August 4, 2016 (We’re The Unaccepted),  and 2017 (Trump Is A Chump)

Format: Digital, vinyl out summer 2018

Label: DIY

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Tom – Guitar, Vocals
  • George – Drums
  • Derrik – Bass
  • Paco – Theramin (Mascot)

Our Favorite Track(s):

Donny Boy, Tales of the Suburban Anarchist (Vol. 1), To Be Free, Sick and Tired, and TrumpleThinSkin

Sounds Like: CIV, The Queers, Black Flag


Denver’s music scene is becoming a hotbed for the punk scene in general. We get daily emails from bands asking about the scene. Questions like, “Who’s the best opener? Where’s the cheapest place to rent? Can my band survive in Denver without having to work 9-5’s?  These are all very hard to answer on our part. Although we still try to help. We SUPPORT the scene that made us! This brings me to introduce The Unaccepted and why you should support them.

The Unaccepted released, “We’re the Unaccepted in 2016 and Trump Is A Chump in 2017. We decided it was best to review both EP’s in one review since both are fucking fantastic. Let’s start with We’re the Unaccepted. The EP starts out with, “Sick And Tired” and moves flawlessly through. The drums keep your head nodding, while the guitar solos show the true talents of the band. In this EP I hear so many different styles of music and influences. From Black Flag to The Exploited, this is a very wide range for any band.

This brings me to my favorite song on this EP, Tales of the Suburban Anarchist (Vol.1).  This song leads in with a little bass riff then reaches full velocity. We all know that suburban green mohawk punk. Kids spanging outside 7-11 for a pack of smokes or trying to bum a ride to a gig. Possibly stereotypical, yet most of us, know somebody like this. Overall this EP is a kickass ride you should be on.

Now let’s move on to, “Trump Is A Chump”. The EP was recorded on President’s Day, 2017. Oh the irony! As America celebrated the birth day of Lincoln and Washington, the orange haired big mouth was plotting to destroy it. As you can see we are not a Trump friendly site, nor will, we ever be. This entire EP is dedicated to President Donald J Trump. With songs like, Trump Is A Chump, Donny Boy, TrumpleThinSkin, and Trump Resort.

My personal favorites off this EP are Donny Boy and TrumpleThinSkin. Donny Boy reminds me of Black Flag’s hardcore edge, while TrumpleThinSkin brings in a Minor threat influence. If the president pisses you off, just share the video far and wide. Just maybe you can help another punk out there not lose their fucking mind. Yes Donald, “You’re a fucking piece of shit”!


Influences and Origin

I reached out to the band and I really wanted to understand their formation and influences. Per the band, “The Unaccepted formed in late 2016 when Tom (Guitar, Vocals) posted an ad on Craigslist which was immediately answered by George (Drums.) They jammed for a few months with a bassist who had to be replaced. After many auditions and many months Deryk joined the band and he has been the bassist ever since. Influences include, but aren’t limited to : Black Flag, Misfits, Germs, Fear, Circle Jerks,  Ramones, Descendents, All, The Queers, Street Dogs, Screeching Weasel, U.S. Chaos, Chaos U.K., The RICHLESS, Drunken Cholos, Vandals, D.I., The Exploited, Flag, and many, many more…”

Overall I immensely enjoyed listening to The Unaccepted and suggest you download all their shit right away! The music they put out is a testament to punk’s never ending spirit. Per the band they are hitting the studio this summer to record new material. They will also be releasing a new  4 song record this June! You can download the Unaccepted release from most major music providers. I used the Google Play release here, . Be sure to follow them here on Facebook . Be sure to catch them at The Toad Tavern’s, Cinco De Punko event!


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