The Infested – Raw Ensemble

Well, it sure has felt like a long wait since 2013’s release, Eaten From the Inside; and after releasing an album that was stuffed to side-splitting portions of awesomeness, it had to be a hard feat to accomplish…

… and now, after 5 years, we FINALLY have it!

Musically, it’s everything you would expect, if you’re familiar with the band.  They sound like a heavier version of Suicide Machines, with more “screamo” style vocals.

If, however, you’re used to the more political lyrical content, there’s a slight change in store. In addition to political content, this album’s lyrics tell a deeply personal and inspiring story of addiction and recovery; and the mess of emotions and thoughts that cross one’s mind, once the haze has lifted.

This album is an honest and genuine expression of the remorse, anger, frustration, regret, and everything else that comes with cutting bad elements out of your life; and it’s something that the world needs right now, considering the pain that the opioid epidemic has brought to so many people. These days, we could all stand to gain some perspective from those who have been through the nightmare of addiction.

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