The Grinning Barretts – The St Padraig’s EP

Release date: March 17, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Ladysmith BC Canada

Current Lineup: (Facebook)

Dylan Wickham and Pat Westmacott/Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin. Aaron Bergen and Kevin Dougan / Bagpipes, Vocals and Whistles. Bern Kinnear / Bass. Jeremy Fiddy / Drums

Our Favorite Track(s): Plutocrass, Wild Mountain Thyme, To Your Name

Sounds Like: 1917, The Rumjacks, Alternative Ulster, Dropkick Murphys,  and The Pogues

Sometimes you just need music to drink to or break something? What if I told you, you can have both with fucking bagpipes? That’s right we are going back to our fucking roots. After all we we’re originally named, Colorado Celtic Punk Rock Army!

We started doing promo and reviews for Celtic acts here in Colorado and branched out to mainly covering alternative and punk. The problem we found is that Celtic punk in Colorado is very limited. So it’s pretty fucking awesome we get an album request from a kick ass Celtic folk punk band.

Usually I find great bands like this over at or over at Alright let’s talk beers and pipes. No, I don’t mean pot pipe, you gobshite. I mean bagpipes. So let’s talk Ladysmith, BC, Canadians, The Grinning Barretts. We have been receiving some great music coming out of Canada. It has a thriving Celtic punk and punk scene.

Be sure to check out some our past reviews of Canadian bands such as, The Follow Ups, and The Brie Face. The Grinning Barrett’s dropped their,  “The St Padraig’s”, EP back on March 17, 2018.

I loved the opening track, “Plutocrass”. I suddenly wanted to grab a beer and join in this protest, against the rich. “Billionaires paying millionaires to tell the middle class to blame the poor, To keep them from out guillotines, torches and pitchforks, Billionaires paying millionaires to i.e. right thru their teeth, Filling empty heads with ignorance to justify their greed”. The pipes absolutely shine on this song.

“The bigot parade is on the street again. We call that shit, Fox News”

The one thing I love about Celtic folk. There is an abundant variety of traditional songs such as, “The Black Velvet Band” and “Whiskey In A Jar”. These songs have been covered by thousands of bands. For each band I have my own favorite version, The Rumjacks – “I’ll Tell Me Ma”, The Pogues – “I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Every Day”, and now The Grinning Barretts version of, “Wild Mountain Thyme”. I’m really hoping this song get some airtime during a Boston Red Sox’s game or possibly a major soccer match. The craic in this song is plenty to go around.

Their version of the, “Black Velvet Band” is an amazing change from the traditionally slower song. It’s punk rock sound backed by the pipes led me to listen over and over again. I have to say I felt for the piper on this one and hope they made it out ok. Of course I kid. To think this song could start a huge pit is insane, considering it’s almost 100 years old or more.

How ironic is that on International Workers Day. I’m currently listening to their song, “UFS”?

“An injury to one is an injury to all, But they can’t trample on us when the union’s marching tall, With our bodies on the gears their machine won’t work at all, Stop an injury to one down at your union hall” I love the band’s loyalty to the working man and community. As the unions are slowing dying, here in the states. We must remember we are only allowing the rich to get richer, by breaking our backs every day. Every day we should meet at the pub and plan our fight. Share our stories of life and toast to those we lost. That’s why I love the song, “To Your Name”.

Overall I love the Grinning Barrett’s, “The St Padraig’s EP”. It is amazing collection of true Celtic Punk. The guitar, pipes, and vocals blend in ceremoniously fashion. So grab your Harris Tweed cap, and a guiness. It’s time to join the pit with your kilt on. This is a must download for all lovers of Celtic Punk rock!

You can pick up, “The St Padraig’s EP” here, Be sure to check them out on Facebook,

Per the band, “Celtic Punkers formed in 2015. After a whole pile of lineup changes we’ve finally hit our stride. We have the distinct honor of being the house band at Riot Brewing Co. in Chemainus BC, Canada. The 2nd EP is currently being tracked, for release this summer, and a 3rd planned for winter.” So that means we have a new fucking EP on the way!

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