Sun-0-Bathers – Local Warming

Release date: March 16, 2018

Format: Digital, USA CD and 7″, via this summer through No Affiliation Records

Label: Released by:

Morning Wood Records (NL) MWR-046
Bearded Punk Records (BE) BPR-027
Melodic Punk Style (POL) MPS-05
Thousands Islands Records (CAN) TIR-018

No Affiliation Records 7″

Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Current Lineup: (Per Bandcamp)

Jurjen de Vries – Vocals & Bass

Redmer de Boer – Guitars

Anne Osinga – Guitars

Jouke Rispens – Drums

Our Favorite Track(s): Sunspray, The Legend Of Scott Radinsky, and Kids Of The Sun

Sounds Like: Rene SG, Adolescents, Rich Kids on LSD, Bad Religion, Oh See Demons


The Sun-0-Bather’s released their debut EP back on March 16, 2018. Sometimes, a bands first EP or album is experimental at best. It might take a few tries to get their sound nailed down. This isn’t the case with “Local Warming”. Upon first listen I was like, “Holy Shit, these guys are fucking good. Hey Dying Scene don’t quote that. Haha. This is pure speed punk at it’s finest. Although the band says they consider themselves“pop punk”. I hear a ton of harcorde influnences. The EP also has hilarious outtakes from movies like, Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

My favorite song by far, “The Legend Of Scott Radinsky”, pays homage to the  former baseball player and punk member of 10 Foot Pole and Pulley. I’m sure you know who Scott Radinsky is, if not read about the fucking legend here.


Overall this EP is a blast to listen to. The lyrics are catchy. The bass and guitar riffs are cutting. The drums are EPIC. My only complaint is well it’s an EP. I want more Sun-0-Bathers music and I want it now! The Sun-0-Bathers are mixing hardcore and pop punk, in a revolutionary fashion. This is a MUST download alert!

You can pick up their EP here, Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram link – Make sure to follow No Affiliation Records as well!

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