Sometimes, when I do this, I come across an album that makes me think to myself, “This sounds like it should be a movie soundtrack!”

This usually happens when I listen to something that includes fully instrumental tracks on the album; which is something I love!

That’s what happened when I listened to “Meat,” by Sounds Like Words!

This album sounds like a cross between early Slayer and Calaberas-era Sepultura, mixed with some Tool and Deftones; filled in nicely with some old-school Butthole Surfers chaotic bizarre-ness, and gritty FEAR or GG Allin-style vocals. Honestly, if you like any (or all) of those bands, then you would be quite content with your purchase of this finely-crafted work of art!

… and if you’re looking to make said purchase, it can easily be done here:

I am firmly rooted in the belief that anyone who does so will be happy that they did!

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