Reuther – Like A Ghost

Their first full length release, ‘​Like a Ghost,​ is due out April 27th 2018 on digital and vinyl via Get Party Records and Too Hype Music​​

Ever looked for bands with dragged vocals similar to Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow? Maybe the catchy guitar riffs of Blink – 182. If you want to hear a playful combination of these two legendary and iconic sounds, then you’ve come to the right place. Reuther should be the newest band on your horizon, because they are coming in hot with new music on their album, “Like A Ghost”.

Dealing with topics like heartbreak and the dullness of routine that life can supply us with, this album serves the best details of punk music mixed with pop undertones that makes a listening experience refreshing and exciting. My current favorite on the album, “Highways” is a perfect sample of what the album has to offer.

With upbeat drums and angsty yet well orchestrated and perfectly placed harmonies, “Highways” metaphorically talks about trying to move forward in life but feelings stuck through the idea of a car and a highway.

Reuther has a literary take on life in general and shows this in their thought out lyrics that are simplistic, yet add to a bigger picture and message. Their album tells a whole story, with small lessons you learn along the way in every individual song. Spoiling this story is not my job, as it is yours to discover the story yourself. Reuther will give you what you need, all you have to do is listen.
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