Rene SG – Fucko

Rene SG – Fucko

Release date: 02/14/2018


Vinyl Single

LabelMonster Zero Records , Austria.

  • Current Lineup –
    Rene: Vocals + Gibson SG
    RJ SG: Drums
    Dennis: Bass

Sounds Like :

  • Black Flag
  • -The Exploited
  • -Ramones
  • -Motorhead

Our Review : Rene SG recently released their Fucko EP on Monster Zero Records. Hailing from Amsterdam this is the band’s 6th record release per their wikipedia page. From a glance at their Wikipedia page the band describes themselves as, “Speedpunk”. Speedpunk basically means that every song it quick and right to the point. At that is exactly what you get with Fucko. This album blends mayhem and speed. With songs like, “I just don’t give a fuck” and “Till Hell freezes over” combined might be near the 2 minute mark. In fact their album is actually only about 10 minutes long, thus labeling it as an EP.


The anger and animosity on the record fills a needed void from todays generic punk. These speed punks remind me of early 90’s trash skate bands. Some dude running around spray painting his band symbol everywhere he can without getting caught. Do yourself a favor a pick up Rene SG, “Fucko” here! You can follow them here on Facebook, .

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