Not Scientists – Golden Staples


Not Scientists are a Post-Punk, Punk band from Lyon, France who released their debut album in 2014 with “Leave Stickers On Our Graves”. Their newest album “Golden Staples” brings a guitar heavy sound reminiscent of punk rock mixed with the pop punk Skiba like vocals. This band strays away from the current fad of brazen political affiliation in punk music to focus on a more artistic and open minded take on the punk art form. Slower songs such as Sky On Fire lights up the listener’s memories of staying out all night with someone close and watching the stars go by.

Those songs are contrasted with faster paced songs such as Orientation which floods the listener with a sense of urgency and almost panic with a Halloween aura to it. The song of which the album is named after, Golden Staples, is a more radio-friendly version of most of the songs on this album and reflects a sense of exclusion and ostracization with a high pitched background melody for most of the song which really ties the whole songs together. Mechanical Reactions provides another slower, yet upbeat song about being overwhelmed with their current state and making rash decisions.

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