In For A Penny – Sometimes It’s Better To Not

Release date : March 12, 2018Format : Digital

Label : DIY

Current Lineup : Per Bandcamp as of 3/29/2018

-Sean McNally – Mandolin/Vocals
-Jeremy Riddle – Guitar
-Henny – Drums

“The band made its debut during Savannah’s St Paddy’s Day 2015 with nearly a dozen shows in less than week and continued to win over crowds at various venues across Savannah and Tybee Island. .”

Sounds Like :

  • -Gaelic Storm
  • -The Dubliners
  • -The Irish Rovers
  • -The Pogues


I’ve been a fan of In For A Penny, since they dropped their first EP, ”In For A Penny EP” way back in 2015.  I am happy to report a new EP was released on March 12, 2018. Normally you would find this review on our website under, . We’ve decided to change our format up a bit and curate our album reviews all in the same area. This makes them easier to access and provides endless amounts of bathroom reading material. (Probably where you’re reading this from)

In For A Penny is a tough band to nail down really in any genre. You could call them celtic traditional, pub rock, and of course folk punk. I do know that any new release will be better than the last. They are back again with a kickass EP, “Sometimes It’s Better To Not”, Let’s get down to it track by track.

For The Devil – A play on words from the Irish Toast, “May you be in Heaven a full half hour before the Devil knows you’re dead.”  If you’re the spiritually type or not this song’s rocking beat and melodies will have you jamming along.

Broken – We all know the homeless vet, the single parent, and more society labels as “Broken”. We are all broken in one way or another. This song is about helping your fellow human from the depths.

Dancing With The Stars –  Do you watch the evening news seething in anger, but never do anything about changing the political climate? Or do you just through on another episode of Dancing With The Stars?

Your Claddagh Heart – This is by far my favorite album of the EP. Grab you sweetheart for waltz and dance the night away. Johnny Piper of Alternative Ulster lends his amazing bagpiping skills to really add ambiance to the track.

Alright let’s wrap this one up. I thoroughly enjoyed, “Sometimes It’s Better To Not”. In For A Penny is amassing an amazing collection of music while proudly displaying their Celtic roots. You can pick up the EP Here, . You can follow them here on Facebook, or .



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