Gutter Villain – Wasted All The Time/Fuck Your Feelings (EPs)

Release date: January 8, 2016,  September 22, 2016

Format: Digital, Tapes,

Label: DIY

Location: Tulsa, OK

Current Lineup: (Facebook)

3 Assholes and 1 Pretty Alright Guy.

Our Favorite Track(s): Fuck Your Feelings, Beware I Am Here, Chillin’ With My Chillum

Sounds Like: Gorilla Biscuits, Wasted Youth, Rene SG, Minor Threat


Music is made to make you fucking feel something, Maybe it’s love, maybe hate or just energetic. It’s not often I find myself walking down the street, headphones, on and fist pumping like a fucking maniac.  Sure enough as soon as I loaded up Gutter Villain’s 2016 release, “Fuck Your Feelings”. I was fucking pumped! With songs like, Fuck Your Feelings, Beware I Am Here, Chillin’ With My Chillum, this EP is amazing. It seems like the issue with hardcore punk is that sometimes the songs are so short. It’s hard to grasp how good a band may be. This is not the case with Gutter Villain.


The sheer anger and animosity drives both fucking EPs. Here I am listening at work, downright and sadly sober. I can totally see drunk me running to the pit when Sick Of The Swine plays. Talk about being tired of cops. This song has a sick fucking intro riff and leads this song into a fucking frenzy. Again this EP is called, “Fuck Your Feelings”.

So let’s move right along to, “Wasted All The Time”. The EP was released in later 2016. Wasted brings the Gutter Villain we all know with some harder, almost metal like sounds. This EP really reminds me of , Rene SG. Only in that the speed is insanely fucking fast. This EP is hardcore speedpunk, sure to have you kicking down some walls.

Both EP’s are currently available for “Name Your Own Price” on bandcamp!  Although we suggest you drop at least $15.00. Be sure to see them here in Colorado on June 8,9, and 10! These shows will likely sell out. The pit at 7th Circle will be batshit crazy!

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