FoL – ..​.​kinda, but seriously

Release date : July 14, 2017

Format : Digital

Label: No Affiliation Records

Current Lineup : (Per Facebook)

Chris- Drums/Vocals
Dave- Bass/Vocals
Aaron- Guitar/Vocals

Our Favorite Track(s) : Not Today and Run From President

Sounds Like : Bad Religion, Lagwagon, and NOFX

FoL to land on the next Tony Hawk installment? Ok maybe not…

Ok so maybe FoL won’t land on the next installment of the Tony Hawk series, (We hope they do). That might be good thing as the game series itself has been, pretty much crap for a long time now. Although I still find myself listening to the various soundtracks quite frequently. Arizona’s FoL sounds straight out of a Tony Hawk game or some amazing skate punk show.



FoL, “..​.​kinda, but seriously” is a kickass EP. Ok so it’s 6 tracks, all of them brilliant. Think Face to Face meets Strung Out. My favorite track is Not Today, basically about quitting the 9-5 rat race to play music. How many of us wish we could walk out of our jobs with zero fucks given?

My second favorite track is Run From President. Fuck America’s desire for war profiteering! “Leaders say it’s blood well spent so kid, when you grow up You’re gonna run from president”.  Personally I cannot wait to see these guys on tour! FoL brings back the blood and guts that defined a genre.

Pick up FoL’s, “…​kinda, but seriously” here . Be sure to check them out on Facebook, . Instagram link – . We also want give a shout out to the amazing folks over at No Affiliation Records! They are picking up some awesome bands!

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