Denver Meatpacking Company – Escape

Denver On The Rise!

Release date: September 27, 2017

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Denver, Colorado

Current Lineup:

David Simutis

Alfred Mueller

Jerome Bellian

Per Bandcamp: – Mixed, Mastered and Tambourined by Jack Endino, Seattle, WA

Our Favorite Track(s): Chasing Monsters With The Torch, Blackout Young, and What’s Wrong

Sounds Like: Nirvana, Lucy And The Rats, Sliver, Pixies


Denver’s becoming home to so many great different genres of music. We have always been known for a having a great rock scene. Berry Fey was instrumental in putting Denver on the map. He put on great shows like the first Led Zeppelin concert. Also U2- “Live At Red Rocks”, which by far my favorite recorded concert. I think Fey instituted a love by bands for the state in general. I’m not saying Fey was a saint, but he put Denver on the map, musically.

You’re probably like Ska Bones. “I’m only 21 years old. I have no idea who the fuck you’re talking about”. And that’s ok. My point is the pool of talented Colorado musicians is getting deeper and deeper every day. Since we started CPRA a few years back. We’ve run into musicians from across the globe, like the Bricheros. Sure LA and Nashville have great scenes, but since the new age of DIY artists. The landscape is changing. The independent artists and labels are starting to  dominate.

This leads me into grunge punks, The Denver Meat Packing Company AKA DMPC. Their second release, “Escape” dropped back on 9/27/2017. I really enjoyed the neat backstory behind their formation. Per Facebook, “The two crossed paths when they were both living in Houston back in 1998. It was a random meeting at a bar with Jerome sending a shot of tequila over, but no music plans were hatched. It wasn’t until each had moved to Denver from California — Jerome from Northern California, David from Los Angeles, when they started playing music together. Bassist Alfred Mueller also relocated to Denver from Los Angeles and was a natural fit for the band, since he’d actually been in the illustrious Karate Pants with David.”

So let’s talk, “Escape”. This album could mix really well into 1995 or 2018. The boys bring the sound of Nirvana mixed in with some Melvins. I can also hear some “Surf”, wouldn’t go so far as to call them, “Salad Rock”. This is no surprise since the band has some LA origins. My favorite song on the record is probably, “Chasing Monsters With The Torch”. This song is deep, and heart wrenching in some ways. I really enjoyed the deep riffs and drums on this one. The bass is heart thumping. My second favorite is, “Blackout Young”. It has that grungy feel from 1993.

So let’s wrap this one up. DMPC is a shining example of why the city of Denver is on the rise. Their dark grunge punk rock represents the new city they call home. You can pick up the album here on, Be sure to  like them on Facebook, . You can find them here on Instagram as well,

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