Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown

The fury, destruction, regret, remorse, and redemption culled into one intangible teeth nashing dead eyed stare? That is the sonic journey Corrosion of Conformity’s new album No Cross No Crown takes you down. Marking the return of Pepper J. Keenan to the band we stray back into the familiar yet ominous territory of despair and revenge.
Similar to a ten round fight, this album comes out of the corner and demands your full emotional attention with a brutal punishment of stepping on your neck with the same ease as one does a stage monitor before shredding blistering solo. By the middle of this album you’re not sure if your mouth guard is still anywhere near the current location of your teeth.
Reef Mullin’s drums work you over with punishing body blows while Mike Dean’s bass drills into your kidneys without mercy or remorse. Woody’s guitar slaps you across the face like a ruthless corner man who has no regard for the consequences because Pepper hovers above it all with a smirking sneer of a stoner metal despot who knows he has rigged the match. Buy this album now!

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