Bottom Bracket – …is something else

Bottom Bracket – …is something else

Release Date – 4/20/2018  (Release show at Denver’s Lost Lake Lounge)

Format – Digital or vinyl

Current Lineup

-Ed Tunna – Bass/Back Vocal
-Dan Monaco – Drums/Back Vocal
-Mic Beseda – Guitar/Lead Vocals
-John Doheny – Lead Guitar

Sounds Like :

-Black Flag

-Minor Threat

-Circle Jerks

-Jerry’s Kids

-Rene SG

Review = Buy this fucking album! 

Denver’s Bottom Bracket is set to release their 4th EP on April 20, 2018, with a record release party that night at the Lost Lake Lounge . CPRA was lucky enough to get our greedy little hand’s on a pre release copy. I love ep’s, because you can add a bunch of them to a playlist and never get tired of the same songs playing again. Plus they tend to get released sooner than full length albums. Shit you can buy their full discog for 8 bucks right now! Also, because their tracks in pure harcore format are on average are about 1:30 long. The album title seems like a funny little inside joke, but it actually works. Tell your friend’s Bottom Bracket … is something else!

As I popped on Track 1 – Party Hats, which has an amazing little guitar intro. I felt slammed back into the 1980’s hardcore scene, at some amazing BMX show. The record only continues to get better from there. You know that feeling when you’re ready to blow? I don’t mean coke. I mean your fucking furious at life and everything in the surrounding universe. This is the record you need.. With songs like, “Doesn’t Matter” and “Who Cares?” the album leaves you wanting more.

I am proud to find the same anger, same passion, and same volatility, loaded in, “…is something else” as in previous releases. My suggestion is buy the 7”! Hell buy both versions, but if want that original sound go vinyl. Bottom Bracket is proving the Denver hardcore scene is still alive and fucking pissed off!

Check them out here on Facebook  and Instagram. Make sure to give them a like or 3. Their new EP will drop on 4/20/2018 on their Bandcamp. Again go vinyl! I forgot to mention how amazing their cover art is for their EP’s as well!


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