Alternative Ulster – Póg Mo Thóin

Alternative Ulster – Pog Mo Thoin



Current Lineup: John McGovern – Bagpipes, Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Todd Henry – Drums & Lead Vocals

They boys hailing from Kingston, New York are out loud and proud with their latest release, Póg Mo Thóin. Per the band’s Facebook page their influences include, “The Real McKenzies, The Go Set, Pipes & Pints, Black Tartan Clan, The Dropkick Murphys, Flatfoot 56”. In case I forgot to mention it later the Go Set is hitting the Colorado Irish Fest later this summer. We are hoping Alternative Ulster can join the fest in the near future as well!

Celtic music in general is often deeply emotional to those who create and listen. Let’s first consider the fact that there are Celtic bands throughout the world. The Celts have spanned across the globe and lucky for us brought their amazing music and traditions. The Celts have also been subjected to numerous invasions by marauders and rulers alike. A Celtic man is proud kilt wearing monster who will never back down from a fight. A man who holds his country and family above all others.  He also drinks a lot and his humor makes him a friend to all around him.

Alternative Ulster reminds me of a combination of Stiff Little Fingers meets the Real McKenzies and The Rumjacks. This album is amazing blend of Celtic punk with pipes. You can feel the pipes in your soul and it may even give you the chills a bit. From tracks like “Pog Mo Thoin”, “This We Shall Defend”, and “Haggis”, you’ll wanna grab your flag and run into battle, more than likely the modern day mosh pit. If you’re out for a night on the lash, toss on “Drunk As Fuck” or “Free Beer Tomorrow”!

Who else despises Christmas time? We love our families and the time we get with them, but hate the insanity the season ensues. The boys have given us a funny little tune called “Krampus” for that. Or maybe you’re at the pub wearing your kilt and some, “Self Appointed Kilt Inspector” decides she wants a look at your Celtic goods. You know the type the banshee thinks she can a get a look without asking. She better watch out the Celt woman behind the kilt will be her own demise.

Overall I really enjoyed this album it’s fun, and most of all it’s not generic. You can feel the deep meaning this album has to the band members. They also have a brand new song out just in time for St Patrick’s Day, . You can follow them here on Facebook, .  You can pick up the album here, do it! Sláinte!

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