10000 Volt Ghost – 10000 Volt Ghost

In another review, I coined the term, “Breakup Punk.”

Well, here’s another GREAT example of Breakup Punk, as earlier defined!

Let’s get real, here… once the dust settles, and your significant other is suddenly not there, and you sit and think about the chaos that just came to an end; there’s a lot of shit in your mind, and one of the best and healthiest places to put it is straight into your music!

… but if you don’t have your own music as a venue through which to express yourself, then it helps to live vicariously through the music that came from other people’s breakups. After I left my ex wife, that’s the category I found myself in.

The self-titled 4 song EP from 10000 Volt Ghost is an awesome contribution to “Breakup Punk;” my only real complaint is the same complaint I have with pretty much EVERY EP… when it’s over, you think, “Wait… that’s it??? But I want MORE!!! MORE, damn you, MOOOOOORE!!!”

Gad Dammit!!!

If you want to get REALLY excited, and then REALLY sad that there isn’t MORE, then you can find the EP here: https://tenthousandvoltghost.bandcamp.com/album/10000-volt-ghost


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