​Off With Their Heads​ ​From the Bottom

Two Great Albums! 

I knew I wanted to write about Off With Their Heads; but I wasn’t sure which album I wanted to write about.  Quite frankly, they’re all good!

After much contemplation and hard thought, I decided that this was the best format in which to express my thoughts, so I’m going to review two albums at once.  The reason will become apparent as you read this.

I made a serious mistake when I started listening to Off With Their Heads…

I listened to the last album first.  Usually, when I start dissecting an artist’s music, I start at the beginning and listen to all their music chronologically, so as to fully appreciate the musical journey they have taken.  I didn’t do that this time, and my initial impression was distorted by my lack of context within the full picture.

Let me explain.

My first thought was,  “Are these guys from New York?”

-nope… Minnesota… but if GG Allin were to start singing for the Ramones, it would sound like this.

… but with somewhat depressing lyrics.

THAT’S where I was lacking the full context… 

I went back, and listened to their music chronologically… and found something that hit me in a deeply personal and emotional way, across two albums.

When I got to the album, Won’t Be Missed, I found some of the most relatable music I’ve heard since I listened to the library of The Eels.

This is an acoustic album that fully embraces emotional honesty, dealing with the multitude of confused and erratic emotions relating to the death of someone close.

Every song portrayed a different feeling or thought that went through my own head while dealing with the very painful and untimely death of my brother.  This album has a very deliberate way of addressing and putting words to some of the hardest things that we, as humans, have to deal with; and I commend them for doing it with such brutal honesty.

With the newly acquired perspective from Won’t Be Missed  (and the several listenings thereof), I returned to the album, From the Bottom with “fresh ears,” and now understand that it’s largely a continuation of the hard journey of recovery from personal trauma.

I don’t think I can say enough about the pertinence of these albums, for anyone that’s had difficult losses in their lives, and struggle with finding the right place for their emotions and thoughts.  Furthermore, I look forward to following this musical journey as far as I can!

Download your copy today! https://owth42069.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-bottom

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