​Beat The Smart Kids – Broke Again

​I have been meaning to review this album for so long. Even though Beat The Smart Kids released this album almost 2 years ago in 2016. This album constantly plays on my  phone over and over again. It’s filled with amazing songs that put a smile on your face. I imagine myself leaving a BTSK show dripping with sweat and exhausted from skanking my ass off.  I actually found these guys through What do you know about Ska Punk.

It seems that bands like Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish somewhat ruined the end of the 3rd Wave for me. They keep releasing cover albums and just plain shit albums. Although I love both bands their sound became so generic after awhile I got super tired of the hearing the same shit over and over again. This is where BTSK brought me back into the ska punk fold. Let’s get this review onwards!

1. RISE UP- The best intro track for the album. The song speaks of taking back our society from assholes! Favorite line- “The Illusion of choice is the ultimate deception”.

2. Chemical Reaction- Another kick ass tune. It speaks of gentrification and watching the wealthy take over your city, This song really reminded me of what Denver is going through now. Have you gone down to Ink for $15.00 coffee drink? Nope go somewhere local, where they give a shit about you!

3.  Emoticons- A song about how online interactions are changing the way we socialize with one another. I love the horns in this tune!

4. Go To Bread- A great song based off the Simpson’s popular meme, https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSimpsons/comments/1bef4d/tired_old_memes/ .

5. Brain Pollution- By far one of my favorite tracks off the album! Try some different things, move on from the shit that’s dragging you down!


6. One Point Twenty What?!- I love this awesome mix of horns and skacore!

7. Ruby Crystals- These guys are some Transformer nerds! And I freaking love it!

8. Do NOT Disturb- Introverts Unite!
9. Blind Faith- This tune is about a kid growing up with religion and realizing it’s all pretty much full of shit.

10.  You Haven’t Lived (Until You’ve Died) – Time to demand a change in the way we treat each other and the rest of the world. “The music really hits you when you think about it”.

11. Life’s Lessons- Enjoy life while you can! A song about the rat race and fighting that bastard we call life.  “It’s just another one of life’s lessons”.

12. M.$.O.T.E- Modern Slavery is going to a shitty job, everyday where you don’t get paid what you are worth. Where people are easily replaced and their names easily forgotten.

In conclusion this album kicks ass! Since this release the band has already released 2 EPs, Call In Sick and Better Luck Next time. They also did us a huge favor in helping CPRA get our name out there! So do yourself a favor and download ALL of their stuff!

Pick up the here https://btskska.bandcamp.com/ .  Be sure to follow them on Facebook here, https://www.facebook.com/btskska/

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