​86-B​ – Junkie Lullaby

Denver Punker Brian Braukoff released Junkie Lullabies back  in March 2017 on  Prophecy Records. We love reviewing our local artists as it helps us better understand the city we live in. It also helps us understand why so many have come to call Denver home! On any given night of the week you can find a kick ass local show. My suggestion today is, GO see 86-B!

1. My Jacket – My favorite song on the record by far. It’s about holding onto something that means something to you. I lost my leather jacket years ago. Not only did I lose that jacket, but probably some of the memories that went with it. My favorite patch was from a ripped Damned tee. Also the buttons I lost given to me by locals trying to get their name out like Foreskin 500, Fourth Yeer Freshman ,  etc. Overall this song hits home.

2.  2 Years- A somber tune, with nice laid back riffs, and intro.

3. And You Think Your Life Is On The Fritz- My favorite song from the record.  I  really enjoy the piano in this song and the lyrics.


4. Bottle Of Pills – This song is sad as it speaks of struggling with addiction,. welll written, and melodic.

5. Junkie Lullaby- This song really made me think of how hard it would be to struggle with addiction. Always looking for that last fix.

6. My Shitty Jiffy- I love Braukoff’s voice on this track. The guitar riff fits perfectly with the melody.

7.  Apathy- I really enjoyed the ukulele in this song. It also brought back some memories I had felt the need to bury. Memories when there was no rent to pay and hangovers slim they were good. Somehow the rat race made me forget what it was to dream. Overall I really enjoyed this album and cannot wait to see 86-B perform. here in Denver.  You can catch 86-B here on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/Im86B/
Be sure to download his tunes from most major providers, Google Play and I-tunes


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