Upstanding Citizen – Peace and Love

The VERY FIRST CPRA show had just concluded. Upstanding Citizen had just finished their headlining set. After clearing the stage, they were walking around to everyone, handing out free cds of their new album, which they had just released a few days earlier.
Now, when I think of Punk Rock, I think back to the 80’s and 90’s, when bands had to get creative, if they wanted to release an album on a budget… corners were always cut somewhere… maybe they used the cheapest recording equipment they could find… more than a few times, I saw bands selling cassettes that they had just dubbed from the master that they recorded in the garage, while standing around a crappy tape recorder…

Upstanding Citizen – Peace & Love 6/21/2017

It is in this vein that I found my first initial appreciation for the album, after having it handed to me by the beamingly proud band member.  The cover was hand-drawn, photocopied, and hand-cut.  The CD is a CDR, burned on someone’s PC.  There is no track list.
This kind of presentation is something that I see as a continuance of a proud tradition in music… one that says, “We will do ANYTHING it takes to get our music out, as long as it’s on OUR terms!”


When I finally got the chance to listen to it, I was not disappointed!  This is a heavily instrumental album, which isn’t very common in Punk.  It takes on a somewhat “experimental” nature, in kind of the same way that Butthole Surfers did in their  early work. It’s the kind of ‘weird’ that just seems to work, because it comes from the established math within music, but with a unique styling that gives it an entirely unique edge.


This is the kind of first album that makes you hungry to hear the next one! Pick up their new album here
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